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Hello, welcome to my page! I am Sonja Ann Jones and I love to entertain by telling dynamic, funny, dramatic and impactful stories. I am a positive person and love to lift people’s spirits through my work. I am a multi-ethnic ambiguous Sandra Bullock/Anne Dowd type who is middle-aged. I play the girl next door, best friend and a woman who has fallen on hard times with an optimistic attitude!


I am a consummate professional and accomplished character actress and producer. I can be seen in many projects which include television, films, commercials, national talk shows, radio shows, webisodes and national magazines/publications.  I am proud to be a member of the union, SAG-AFTRA, and I am a huge advocate for advancing women’s careers in entertainment, business and technology. I was honored to represent the Mrs. Corporate America title – advocating my platform across the United States! I created dedicated to mentoring women to achieve their dream careers in entertainment, business and technology! Additional information can be found about me at

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Positively impacting you is my passion! I love to perform and provide you entertainment as an avenue of escape. It excites me to take you on a creative journey by telling stories that are focused on comedy, drama and overall life issues.


Creating and overseeing productions that influence you is an enjoyment of mine! Leveraging my extensive business background and versatility, I bring unique ideas to the screen. Creativity, organization, casting & directing are my specialty!


Do you need a spokesperson to promote or advertise your commercial products or services? I bring my unwavering energy, accomplished background and positive image to help your products and services shine!

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A bit of all my work in one video reel

Enjoy a sample of my work!   Also feel free to check out my YouTube channel by clicking HERE.