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Sonja Ann Jones is a dynamic, funny, and positive energetic woman! She is a consummate professional and hard worker!


She is also an accomplished character actress and producer. She can be seen in many television shows, films, commercials, national media shows and webisodes. Sonja is a member of the SAG-AFTRA union and Sonja is a huge advocate for women!


She has held positions on the SAG/AFTRA Women’s Diversity Committee and she created her own organization Nonstop 4 the Top ( to help women achieve their dreams in entertainment, business and technology. A detailed list of her projects and more information can be found here or at


Sonja is also an active member of the community and she champions many causes close to her heart. As Mrs. Corporate America ( she appeared on many talk and radio shows across the country promoting her platform and advocacy for women. She has also dedicated her time and efforts to Habitat for Humanity and many other charities. She was the headline interview in “Exceptional People Magazine” and has been featured in many other national magazines, national publications and radio shows. She genuinely cares for others and their success!


She also produces her own monthly newsletter titled Sonja’s Scoop where you can get true insider information on what really goes on behind-the-scenes as well as get the latest updates. Sign up free by clicking here.


If you would like to speak to Sonja about any business or entertainment-related endeavors or projects, please send her an email to



Premiere Talent Management & Production
Matt Roberts


Commercial and Print Agent:
Wild Models
Kurt Clements


Theatrical Agent:
Players Talent Agent
Joe Kolkowitz


Laske Digital PR
Dan Laske


Sonja’s goal is to make a true difference in the world and have a positive impact on others. Sonja firmly believes if you work hard that dreams can come true!

Sonja Ann Jones
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“Sonja Jones is a beauty in all instances of the word. I was impressed with Sonja from the very moment that I met her. She has a glow about her that makes her stand out in any crowd. She is a woman of wisdom, grace, elegance and poise with a resume and credentials that makes her a-list. It was a pleasure working with Sonja during her tenure of reign in the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Organization. She is someone who I would jump at the opportunity to work with on any occasion.”  –Elliot Carlyle, Consulting & Coaching


“It is my pleasure to recommend Sonja. She is a person with a very strong character and work ethic. It has been a privilege to work with her over the last year and during that time I have learned how creative and resourceful she is a person. Sonja is a strong woman and someone that I believe would be a great asset to any company, group or organization.” –Toby Quinton, Team Coaching Consultant at Currier Consulting Group, Inc.


“Dr. Jones is a kind, brilliant, and compassionate professional and mentor. I was lucky to be matched with Dr. Jones for the Everwise 6-month mentorship program. Dr. Jones provided clear guidance and resources for me to develop my skills in Technical Sales. She was also very supportive in helping me explore other roles I was interested in by allowing me to leverage her network. I wholeheartedly vouch for her as a seasoned Technical Sales professional, as an empathetic mentor, and as a wonderful person” Ruqaiya Shipchandler